It's Time


Please note that the below information is an overview and how everything works is explained in far greater detail on the Party's Federal Website;

Why was Online Direct Democracy created?

Renewed vigor.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a void in the political system that needs to be filled.  The void is the voice of reason, the voice of common sense, the voice of logic and the voice of perspective.  It's the voice of the people.

In the endeavor of our leaders achieving power and control and in their fear of anything that poses a threat to their grand plan, our political system has turned on the very people that it is meant to represent. 

With one hand, the bureaucrats abandon established principals that empower the population, whilst with the other hand, they create new principles that place the decision making power into the hands of our political  and corporate elite.

The line between Australian democracy and oligarchy is becoming too blurred to define.  Currently, our only say in politics is our ability to choose between one of two ruling parties every three years.  This party then goes on to implement whatever they choose as they state that they 'have a mandate' to do so.  At no stage does the population agree to every principle of that party.  They are merely the political party that the population dislikes the least.

Policies and politics are being made increasingly and unnecessarily complicated.  The result of this complication is a system that is buckling under the sheer weight of bureaucracy.  The people who are empowered to make decisions are paralyzed by political complexity and vested interests.   Meanwhile, the population who feel increasingly disempowered and disillusioned, give up on the hope that their leaders will listen to them and allow themselves to be distracted by menial pursuits.  Add to this the poor availability of unbiased media and there is no wonder that Australia has stalled.

What is the intention of the party?

A more refined and mature form of democracy.

So it begs the questions;

  1. What if politicians actually served as communication tools or a conduit rather than their current role as the first line of defence for the integrity of their Party?
  2. What if the people making decisions were informed by experts in the field?
  3. What if the population were informed and empowered?
  4. What if the population made the decisions?
  5. What if the system was used in the true spirit of democratic rule?  A system where the population actually drove policy direction.  As opposed to the decision making power being wielded by bodies who represent or are swayed by interest groups or foreign powers.

Primarily, the intent of the party is to build the nation.  The establishment of a strong and stable nation needs to occur with all our resources. This includes human, physical, technological etc. We need to make our weaknesses into strengths and use our strengths to establish a nation that is independent and free to make the decisions that are right according to our populations ethos.  Freedom for our population to achieve as individuals, as a society, in a business and as a country. 

How will we achieve this?

The establishment of a system with transparency and trust as its core values in the attainment of the progressive vision of social, cultural and financial national wealth.


Informing the public

The content of political debates will be disclosed.

Expert, educated and independent advice will be sought to further public information, consideration and deliberation.

Information will be disclosed in an accessible, centralised, effective and easily understandable way.


Public consultation

One thing is becoming very clear, technology is connecting people more efficiently than ever before.  And this, in no small way, can influence politics.  

We will use established mechanisms of our existing Westminster system combined with current sophisticated technology to gather the opinions of the population to guide considerations, decisions and policy.

Checks and balances

Systemic integrity

 A true democracy has checks and balances in place to ensure that the decisions being made, are ethical and in line with the countries requirements.  There are already numerous checks and balances built into the current Westminster system used in Australia today.  These will stay in place and continue to be utilised.

We acknowledge that there are certain items that are inevitably complicated or sensitive.  Two items that stand out are International Relations and National Security.  We must be mindful that aggressive confrontation with other countries or entities is something that we would prefer to avoid.  We would prefer to use diplomacy in order to avoid unnecessary confrontation and reach a mutually agreeable solution.  We must also respect the sovereignty of other countries as we ask them to respect ours. So, details of certain discussions and negotiations that are deemed as sensitive or confidential, will be restricted until the information is reassessed as free for public view.

The rules


We value intelligent discussions and opinions.  Any comments that are of a derogatory or hateful nature or that could be seen as inciting violence or prejudice will be removed.

We are determined to help further the understanding of issues and challenges, we don't support abuse, oppression or violence.  However, we certainly encourage activism.


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